About us

We make supplements designed to improve mental function and wellbeing.

Our neurotransmitters play a crucial role in our everyday performance and our sense of wellbeing.

By ensuring the pathway to neurotransmitter health is properly nourished we can elevate our mental state and reduce negative symptoms of deficiencies such as brain fog, fatigue, attention issues, low motivation and low mood.

By combining tried and trusted herbal remedies with amino acids and certain nutraceuticals we have formulated products that assist the neurotransmitter health within you. These formulations ensure you can live work and play in an optimised state.

We have a very specific selection of products that we believe in 100%. The formulations are engineered by trained naturopaths and medical doctors and then manufactured using quality ingredients under strict quality controls. We use them, our families use them and our friends use them and of course our satisfied clients use them. We are confident you will benefit from these formulations and we welcome any questions you may have about which product will suit you the best.